The difference between depression and sadness

This short video helps to explain the difference between depression and sadness and helps clarify some uncertainty people may have on the issue.

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What is Depression?

In an attempt to help people understand depression, the World Health Organisation has put together the following animation. It can be accessed at:


For those who are interested, I Had a Black Dog, by Matthew Johnstone, is also available. This book is the author’s expression of his personal journey with depression and is expressed in layman’s terms.

If you are worried that someone is suicidal, ask them. It could save their life.

This may be helpful information if you are concerned about someone that you think may be suicidal. It is also an informative page for all interested in signs and symptoms of people who are feeling suicidal. To access the information click on the link below:

When does your mental health become a problem?

The BBC has a useful online article that describes some of the basics of mental health and mental ill health. It gives a good overview of common mental health challenges and the over reliance on medical approaches when other, often more effective approaches, such as the talking therapies have proven benefits.  The article is available at the following link: