How I Work

With background education in both psychology and psychotherapy, my work is characterised by an understanding that no one single approach works for every presenting issue. Therefore, I work with people relationally, applying evidence-informed practices and theoretical approaches that stem from Developmental Psychology, Attachment Theory, Self-Psychology and Object-Relations. What this means for you is that your problems or issues will be listened to sensitively in confidence and without judgement. Together we will address these issues through addressing old hurts and conflicts and finding new healthier, more adaptive ways of living with the self, others and the world as a whole.

I work from an integrative perspective with people primarily in two ways:

  1. On a long-term, in-depth work basis
  2. On a short-term solution focused/ Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) basis.

What this means for you is that following the initial assessment, I have the flexibility to identify with you the best way forward, whether through a short or long-term approach.